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We specialize in four-star travel that is truly accessible for Wheelchair and Mobility limited individuals and their families.

We contract our own personal, accessible vehicle with a dedicated driver for those who can’t drive, or who do not wish to operate in foreign countries or unknown destinations. You simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the amazing adventure that we plan for you (with your preferences provided) with no added stress often associated with getting around new environs. 

Our private tour itineraries focus on not packing in so many activities (like most tour companies), leaving you exhausted and uncomfortable, but rather to allow you to enjoy slowed paced, high-quality experiences.

About Us


Our Background

We are a licensed and bonded specialty travel service who fully understands the wheelchair or limited mobility lifestyle and what you need to make your next trip or vacation a positive and lifechanging experience. We do all the groundwork for you. We can arrange wheelchair accessible tours and private trips for those who want to travel alone or with a carer or companion. Or if you have a family member, friend, or employee with a disability and you are not sure what will work, we are here to make it all come together so you can enjoy the universal experience.  

Our Services

We understand having a mobility disability can make it seem overwhelming and frightening to try to plan and execute a wheelchair accessible trip to an unknown destination.  We know because we have first-hand knowledge.  We know what accessible means, and we plan your trip so you can focus on the joy of travel and not stress about where you can go and stay to accommodate your needs. 

Our Brand: PUSHLiving

We are a travel service and a leader in the wheelchair lifestyle sector with an extensive network of disability projects. We have a magazine, store, and podcast that provides information, wisdom, and inspiration to consumers and businesses to create a more inclusive world.   We hope you will follow us, book our wheelchair accessible tours and continue to travel with us for many years to come. 

Meet the Team


Deborah J. Davis

Deborah has extensive travel experience as a wheelchair user herself, as well as a background in special events and business management to assist in creating your fully wheelchair accessible trip.  She reviews and helps to plan your trip with the personal knowledge and understanding you need to feel confident and comfortable. She acts as the hosts for many of our group tours and is a guide and companion to those who wish to travel solo.


Sherly Repol

Sherly is your concierge assistant and will manage all reservations and special requests before during and after your trip is completed. She has years of experience in travel service planning and hospitality and has worked on both our wheelchair accessible Ireland and Italy tours.


Travability: Travel Partner

We work with our Australian team member and specialized travel service agent Bill Forrester of Travability, to help execute your wheelchair accessible adventures down under in the beautiful land Australia and beyond to New Zealand!

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